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Find Your Inner Rebel

Inspired by life in the American West, Rebel Hot Sauce is dedicated to bringing you the perfect spice that your life and food needs. The American West wasn't explored and settled by ordinary people. It took people with an adventurous spirit to leave behind what was known. It took a rebel spirit. So instead of sticking to what you know, spice up your life, and your food, and find your inner rebel!

rebel hot sauce bottles | habanero and chile de arbol hot sauce
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About Us

Our Story

How Rebel Hot Sauce Was Born...

Ever since childhood, Antonio Garcia has always felt right at home in the kitchen. He remembers the first time he helped his mother make tortillas how she laughed and said, "they look like sandals!" It was in that kitchen on a mountainside in Michoacan, Mexico where Antonio's passion for cooking began and he had a new goal to one day own a restaurant. Determined to pursue his dream, he would eventually immigrate to California at the age of 17, finding his way to Sonoma County.


Unafraid of hard work and hungry for knowledge, Antonio seized every opportunity he had to work in various aspects of the food industry. Finally, in 1998, he achieved his dream and opened Cazadores Market and Taqueria. He now had his own restaurant in which to continue honing his skills as a chef. Two decades later, never being one to settle and always open to adventure, Antonio had a new goal in mind: creating a premium homestyle hot sauce that would pair great with any kind of food. A perfect hot sauce. A hot sauce for all! 


It was at this time Antonio's son, James Garcia, joined him in his journey. James had just finished serving six years in the United States Air Force and upon hearing of his father's new project, he decided to join him. After much experimentation and finally gaining their taste buds back, the hot sauce was complete. All that remained was naming it. Thinking about his father's past and arduous journey to get where he was today, and his own journey serving in the military, James knew it didn't take an ordinary mindset to accomplish one's goals. It took a tough one, a mindset not willing to give up in the face of adversary. It took a rebel's mindset. And so Rebel Hot Sauce was born. 

chili peppers on the grill to make homemade hot sauce

Choose Your Rebel
Keto Friendly | No Preservatives | No Added Sugar | Veteran Owned | Made Proudly In The USA
Certified by SBL Chile Lab

Habanero Rebel Hot Sauce

habanero hot sauce


Notes of citrus fruits, balanced acidity, and subtle sweetness with just the right amount of kick. 


Water, Vinegar, Sea Salt, Dried Ground Habanero, Chile, Dried Ground Cayenne Pepper, Lime Juice Concentrate, Tahini, Malic Acid, Garlic Powder, Xanthan Gum 


Contains: Sesame 

Scoville Heat Units: 7500

Chile De Arbol Rebel Hot Sauce

chile de arbol hot sauce


Balanced, earthy notes with profund hints of smoke and nuttiness.


Water, Vinegar, Sea Salt, Dried Ground Chile De Arbol, Pepper, Sea Salt, Lime Juice Concentrate, Tahini, Malic Acid, Garlic Powder, Xantham Gum


Contains: Sesame

Scoville Heat Units: 5000 

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